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You’re holding on. Well enough to make it to Base Camp (aka 100% of your sales target).¬†Or maybe just enough to keep your job. Perhaps.

But how to reach those higher peaks? Those big years that can be life-changing? Hope and optimism might make everyone feel good, but by themselves they will not deliver results.

Fewer than 40% of sales people reach their target in any given year

25% of organisations state that their managers are unable to coach effectively

Over 40% of companies report that sales forecasting is systematically inaccurate

Data from independent research and SiriusDecisions, Aberdeen Group, Qvidian

Take back control. You can be in charge of your own success.

Big summits take big focus. You won’t get there without methodology, practice, discipline, and teamwork.

What if you had your own supportive yet challenging mentor – like a Sherpa on a Himalayan mountain – to keep you focused on the things that make a difference?

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