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Thrown in at the deep end, managers are often expected to know – without training or guidance – what their job entails.

As a new manager, or in a new industry, it can be difficult to learn the skills required. Even managers with years of tenure can feel threatened or insecure at times, or worry that they are not doing the best job they possibly can.

How to navigate the complexities of people and organisational politics? How to handle excessive workload while keeping time for family? How to balance ethics and integrity with shifting business priorities and conflicting expectations?

It is no wonder that a significant percentage of managers feel out of their depth, or even at risk of burn-out.

36% percent of managers believe
they do not have the skills they need to do their best work.

Only 8% of managers receive performance reviews that inspire them to improve. Over 75% consider them inaccurate, unfair and demotivating.

34% of managers feel that the demands of their job interfere with their family life

Data from independent research and Gallup

Accomplished leaders question themselves, every day. That is how they learn and evolve.

If you have ever felt stress or pressure in your management role, or wondered how you can sustain the pace, then it may be helpful to review things with a trusted mentor.

Imagine if you had access to your own experienced management practitioner, a supportive partner with whom you could discuss your challenges in a safe and confidential environment.

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