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You may be a sole trader running a small business based around your passion. Or perhaps you have founded a technology start-up, and you are facing the challenge of scaling or exit.

Building a business can be exciting and rewarding, but things often work out differently from how you planned them. The workload and the range of skills required can feel overwhelming.

Running things solo or in a small team means that you must wear many hats. But not every activity will align with your core strengths, and it is natural to struggle with some of them.

Knowing when to involve domain experts can be one of the most strategic decisions for the success of your business – and yet often one of the most difficult.

Fewer than half of small businesses survive for five years or more

72% of small businesses are not planning to increase investment due to the economic climate

34% of small businesses find it difficult to recruit and retain skilled staff

Data from independent research and Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), YouGov

Get back to basics. Focus on the fundamentals of business success.

Driving business growth is all about unravelling complexity, and prioritising the right issues at the right time.

What impact would it have if you had a trustworthy advisor to act as a sounding-board, and support you in making the right decisions for your business?

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