Changing career might be easier than you think

“Why do I get up every day and jump out of bed and I’m excited at 88? It’s because I love what I do and love the people I do it with.”
– Warren Buffet

You know what you love, and you know what you are good at. Are they the same thing? And will they earn you a living? Most importantly, how can you turn your aspirations into reality?

With some careful planning, everything is possible. It’s all about understanding the impact of change, and making a plan that does not disrupt every aspect of your life all at once..

Only one in five people are enthusiastic about going to work

80% of people consider changing career at some point in their working life

More than half of potential career changers never take the plunge because of financial uncertainty.

Data from independent research

You already know what you want to do. What you need is a plan.

Changing your career can feel overwhelming. There may be obstacles and challenges that make it hard to accomplish without support.

Give yourself the best chance of exploring change and making it a success. A trusted mentor can help you transform career change from overwhelming to manageable – or even desirable.

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