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Provenias delivers affordable 1:1 mentoring, designed to help employees, managers and entrepreneurs realise their full potential within today’s unforgiving business environment.

Provenias has been providing valuable mentoring services for over fifteen years. Headquartered in the historical Roman city of Bath in the UK, we work with individuals and businesses worldwide.

Hello, and thanks for visiting. I'm Rob Dallison, founder and director of Provenias.

Throughout my career I have observed and experienced first-hand the difficulties that employees, managers and entrepreneurs encounter in their daily jobs.

It has always seemed to me that there is too little support for professionals to grow and develop to their full potential, whether they are employees, managing a team, or running an entire business.

Occasional training sessions are useful as far as they go, but their benefit fades quickly. Employers rarely offer structured, on-going access to personalised coaching or mentoring programmes. Indeed, such services are often seen as being reserved for senior leaders.

I believe strongly that mentoring should be accessible to staff at all seniority levels and career stages, and that all employees should be actively encouraged to work with a trusted mentor. Of course, the service must be affordable too, so that individuals can make their own arrangement, even if their employer does not provide one.

So I founded Provenias (which in Latin means “may you thrive”) to provide exactly this service. We work directly with individuals, and also with organisations. If you are interested in learning more about how we could be of value in your own professional journey, then please get in touch today.

My collaboration with Rob was best characterised by mutual trust and I enjoyed his facts-based, results-oriented style. Rob is a great coach and proved a strong ability to build a winning team.

— Marc H, Chief Revenue Officer

Rob's excellent leadership, coaching and motivation have always ensured dedication and commitment from his team, driving the best results. It's unusual to find a leader with the qualities to consistently build high performing teams who not only exceed company objectives but also have the ability to develop their career.

— Daniel B, Chief Revenue Officer

Rob has a deep understanding of the sales process, and highly effective sales management skills. Rob is totally committed to doing the right thing for his clients and his team, and his passion for helping others succeed is infectious.

— Simon K, Operations Director EMEA

When you are consumed by your passion, it is sometimes hard to step back and take an objective view of your own business. It has been really helpful to work with Rob - he is an impartial sounding-board and has helped me test and validate new ideas.

— Alex H, Business Owner


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