Affordable, personalised mentoring

Provenias delivers affordable 1:1 mentoring, designed to help employees, managers and entrepreneurs realise their full potential within today’s unforgiving business environment.

Provenias has been providing valuable mentoring services for over a decade. Headquartered in the historical Roman city of Bath in the UK, we work with individuals and businesses worldwide.

In the corporate world, employees and managers are increasingly frustrated. Their business organisation often fails to provide sufficient guidance or support, while still demanding high levels of performance.

In start-ups and scaling businesses, building a sustainable operation is always challenging, and sometimes overwhelming. All too often there is not enough hands-on experience among the founder team and investors.

Here at Provenias you will find a place free of judgement or reprisal where you can explore your goals and challenges. Working with one of our experienced business mentors for just an hour or so every few weeks, you will achieve measurable, real-world outcomes.

Provenias offers access to a network of experienced professionals, who provide tailored guidance around strategy, sales, technology, marketing and operations. Our structured approach will help you to develop solutions to your challenges, and to strengthen your position (as an individual or as a business) in a competitive market.


Your own personal, trusted advisor helping you find clarity and direction

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